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8th Edition

Announced on July, 2022


Best International Narrative Feature: 

Director: Ms. Siu PHAM

Best US Narrative Feature

Everything I ever wanted to tell my daughter about men 

Directors:  Lorien Haynes, Barbara van Schaik, Maryam d'Abo, Susannah Harker, Jodhi May, Erin Richards, Katie Flynn, Laura Merians, Amy Gardner, Gia Carides, Kate Sumner, Tara Fitzgerald, Kate Danson, Sienna Guillory, Saffron Burrows, Lucy Brown

Best US Narrative Short

The Winter Fern
Director: Gwen Gottlieb

Best International Filmmaker 

Director: FREY Dagne

Best Female Director: 

Director: Mingjie Tang


Best Male Director

Director: Donald Shebib

Best Actress
Mona Arkin for Sunflower

Best Producer

Best Female Cinematographer:

Rachel Garcia-Dunn for Raine 

Honorable Mention Short & Best Edit

La nage
Director: Marie Poitevin 

Best Composer

Miriam Mayer for The Last Picture

Best Produced Script

Siu Pham for We come into life

Best Unproduced Short Script 

Again, Mama
Writer: Geqi Li

Honorable Mention Short Script

Fight for your life
Writer: Daniela Andrea Cruz Yomayusa

Best Unproduced Feature Script 

Why I Love The Circus
Writer: Tia Matza

Honorable Mention Feature Script

Writer: Shanaya Fastje

Best Feature Documentary 

The Voice of Thaïs
Director: David Casals Roma

Honorable Mention Feature Documentary

The Brazilian Templars Mystery
Directors: Next Anyextee, Neil Cabana

Best Short Documentary

Kanatenhs - When The Pine Needles Fall
Director: Ellen Gabriel

Honorable Mention Short Documentary

Sama Yoon On My way
Director: Emelie Carlsson Gras

Honorable Mention Short Documentary

What Are You Looking At?
Director: Liberty Smith

Best First Time Filmmaker

When Time Got louder

Connie Cocchia


Puzzle in the palm
Director: Ayumi Kurokawa

Best Web-Series-Pilot

Meet Me at the Barre
Directors: Vera Wagman, Dawn Cobalt, Jill Remez, Karen Bankhead

Best Music Video

Waltz of the Strong

Director: Karyn Lynn Bailey

Honorable mention Music Video

End of the Line
Director: Nicola Heidi Hawkins

Best Short Science fiction

Mind Over Matter
Director: Anysia Deák

Best Student Film

Director: Jordana Bleiwas

Honorable Mention Student Film

Director: Oriana Ng

Best Experimental

Director: Savannah M. Ryan

Honorable Mention Experimental 

And Breathe
Directors: Sima Gonsai, Karen Morgan

Best Short Horror

Closet Nightmares
Director: Camila de los Santos Speed

Best Animation

My Tiny Friends
Director: Jiyoung Park

Honorable Mention Animation

My Cat Lucy
Director: Kate Vaillant

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