LA Independent
Women Film Awards 

All topics related to women's thoughts, women's fate, life conditions, women's views and so on are welcome to participate.


LA Independent Women Film Awards is an annual and a bi-monthly virtual online film festival dedicated to female artists from all over the globe. The films of our annual program are selected from the bi-monthly award winners. Every edition, we promote and recognize independent women directors, writers, cinematographers, produers, actresses, editors and composers working in media from all over the world. 



Our bi-monthly edition seeks to recognize, promote, screen and award female filmmakers and writers of all genres. The festival was created to support up and coming female talents from different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities, who have a unique story to tell.



LA Independent Women Film Awards focuses on female filmmakers,  screenwriters, actresses and all female artists working in media. The goal is to showcase the best of female talent in film & TV from around the world.


Our team consists of women in film as directors, writers, actors, and distributors working in media. We understand the importance of discovering talented independent female artists and we seek to create breakthroughs in the career of international and American female artists.